Sunday, September 11, 2005

Giambi Grows a Gopher Ball

The Sox lost despite a heroic effort (sports-wise) by Tim Wakefield. My, my hasn't Jason Giambi bulked up recently, must be some good old fashioned noshing. "Life without chemicals would be impossible."

The Sox have put together a few decent starts, less the Wells effort Friday, and generally, the staff doesn't look so desperate.

What last year's championship run did was destroy the panic and sense of inevitability of defeat amongst the fans. The Sox lose, we are much more likely to say "get 'em tomorrow."

Randy Johnson looked pretty good for a guy too old to be playing professional sports, although there was a lot of grousing on sports radio about the lineup. Feeling stupid? Listen to a few minutes of sports radio and you'll definitely emerge as though you're Einstein having slept at a Holiday Inn.

This week's atrocity was Mike Adams, generally likeable, wondering how people could be so stupid as to remain in their apartments with a hurricane coming. Unfortunately, not everyone had a car, gas, or money in their pocket to buy a ride out of the Big Easy. And if they did, they may not have had anyplace to go. Enough for that soapbox.

So, with three weeks to go, the Sox have to get on a little momentum...which as we know, 'lasts as long as tomorrow's starting pitcher.'

Go Ravens!

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Michael Leggett said...

GiamBALCO has looked bulked up since July. In May, he still looked like he was @ Death's Door.

In his leaked testimony before a Fed Grand Jury, he admitted that there are masking agents, for the stuff he took.

Unfortunately, MLB, is looking ONLY @ TV Ratings in the #1 US TV Market.

Thank The Lord, that it was a Roid-Free Zone in the '04 WS. It might not be the case again for awhile.

The 30 Straight Games from 08/22, to 09/21/05, may have altered the Division Races, dramatically.