Saturday, September 10, 2005

Yankee Duel Dandy

Stop the madness. Curt Schilling did it today, looking like the ace of this year's staff, if not like the Schilling of old, shutting down the Yankees over eight innings allowing just two runs.

The rotation is shaping up to be Schilling, Clement, Wells, Wakefield, and Arroyo, with likely Arroyo slated for bullpen duty should the Sox reach the post-season.

The bullpen has generally looked more consistent, although visions of sugar plums or Craig Hansen in our heads are just that, hallucinations. Keith Foulke has been getting people out, rotten grapefruit or not, and Timlin, Papelbon, Myers, and possibly Harville look serviceable.

The defense is what it is. Manny being Manny in left (for better or worse days), Johnny Damon looking tired in center at times, and Trot Nixon playing hard in right. The defense tends to look better with Cora and Olerud in there, and Renteria and Mueller have generally been solid lately.

Is this a 'Championship Team'? Compared with some of the better teams in the past, probably not. Compared with the current level of mediocrity and parity, the team can inspire our dreams if not our confidence. What they do enjoy is the fortitude to reach down and get more when it counts. That does matter.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Doc,
Sorry to see you are getting spammed so much in the Comments. Thanks for your Red Sox insights. That was a hell of a game and I hope Wake can keep pitching that well. Keep up the good work, btw what is your specialty?
From a colleague...

Ron Sen, MD said...

Internal medicine, respiratory disease and critical care. Not necessarily a brilliant choice in retrospect...classmate of John Roberts in college, but with far more writing 'on the record'