Saturday, September 24, 2005

Short Season and Short Commentary

Tony LaRussa ruined baseball. Although statistics-based performance became the rage, the lefty-righty situational strategy became a drag on the game. Everyone's a specialist. Be like Mike, Myers that is. The Jesse Oroscos, Lee Guettermans, Buddy Grooms, and others will have a job as long as they can't collect from Social Security.

With eight games to go in the regular season, the Sox and The Team That Must Never Be Named move into a dead heat. Five game winner Jaret Wright remains stuck on five as the Jays handle the competition.

I don't have a problem with Hansen coming in. You can't ask for the strong-armed kids and then curse them when they can't deliver every time. Plenty of 'finesse' vets haven't gotten it done this season either.

'Home' crowds on the road create a surreal atmosphere, as though the Red Sox got a new home ballpark. Were two-thirds of the fans there pulling for the Sox? Do the Orioles hate that other team in the division enough to root for the Sox?

Are the Sox kryptonite to B.J. Ryan?

Why is it that Edgar plays so much better on the road?

Kudos to Christopher Nixon for hanging in there against the LHPs today.

Can the Sox win with Johnny Damon dragging his arm around like a three-legged dog?

Pinch me, I thought I saw Kevin Millar playing solid defense at first base with diving snags and scoops.

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