Friday, September 23, 2005

It's A Wonderful Life

The Red Sox won the World Season last year, thanks to the biggest collapse in the history of professional sports, orchestrated by the New York Yankees.

With just more than a week to go in the season, can the Yankees repeat last year's el foldo and maybe even miss the playoffs entirely? After all, there are small children in New York who have never witnessed a Yankee Championship.

Brian Cashman has his closet well-stocked with Arid, Secret, Right Guard, but hopefully not cyanide as his neck is on the line in the near future with the 'World Series or Bust' posters surely adorning much of the Bronx.

Cashman's main catches, Randy Johnson, Carl Pavano, and Jaret Wright collectively led the league in missed starts, and the National Leaguers found that American League lineups had nine hitters, including the particularly potent DHs nowhere to be found in the Senior Circuit.

Gary Sheffield limps down the stretch, must still be off the juice, while Jason G. bulks up again. Must be some serious time in the weight room, or somebody's 'waiting room'.

Sure, we've got a few problems, like a hitting slump, weakness up the middle at short and center defensively, and a bullpen long on inexperienced kids with great arms and experienced veterans without. We've got karma, right?

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