Monday, August 14, 2006

The Curse of Mrs X

Well, I went almost to the end of the known baseball universe (Vail), but I'm back to wonder whether I'm a jinx.

Speaking of jinxes, I recently met a man. Mr X. (names are changed to protect the innocent) who was a former employee of the New Yorkahs. El jefe Steinbrenner found it necessarily to terminate his business relationship with said individual. Unfortunately for Steinbrenner, that was a serious mistake, as Mr. X informed me that Mrs X put a curse on the Bombers (2001). You don't believe in curses? The results seem to speak for themselves. Small children in New York have never known that Championship Feeling.

Enough Schadenfreude.

As for the Sox, after the debacle known as Tampa and KC (my excessive nocturnal entertainment theme), the Sox came back to pluck the once-proud Orioles.

Alas, the Tigers invade Fenway tonight and the Law of Averages is catching up with the Sox so far, as the Tiger losing streak is softening, just in time to disrupt the Sox.

All those naysayers on Wily Mo Pena can't be continuing to ride the Bronson Arroyo train, are they? Arroyo is 9-8 and his post-All Star break numbers are 0-2, 4.91, which would make him what he is in the AL, limited. Wily Mo, who fans wanted to run out of town has a 1.036 OPS post the break in 61 at bats. I'm not claiming he'll be the right-handed Ortiz, but he looks like a keeper.

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