Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Win Today

With another West Coast swing upon us, one thing Sox do not need is denial. Yesterday, and the recent series, is history, and the only thing that counts is winning today.

We often hear talk about the baseball season being a marathon, and it may be, but to win a marathon one cannot fall miles behind with yards to go. What management and the team needs to focus on is winning today, not worrying about winning a series or a road trip.

"Why do we fall?" "So we can learn how to get up," echoes Bruce Wayne in Batman Returns. What the Sox need to remember, is not so much the bat man, but the pitch man, starting with Kyle Snyder and continuing down through the pitching staff.

Thirty-eight games is still almost a quarter of the season, and realistically, winning the division if the Yankees play just 22-19 requires the Sox to go 28-10 (hope I got the math right). That friends and foes alike is a tall order.

If either the Twins or Chisox finish second in the central and go 94-68, then the Sox must win 25 and lose 13 just to tie. Considering how they're playing lately, a mountain to climb indeed. That is not denial, but recognizing the predicament the Sox face. Denial is not just a river in Africa.

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