Saturday, August 05, 2006

Running on Empty

David Wells comes into tonights game at number 64 on the All-Time Wins list. I've gotta give him major respect for that.

Wells doesn't have a ninety-mile an hour fastball to complement his control and his curveball anymore. He's out there on guts and guile, not on gas. He can still occasionally fool the young punks, but they're clearly catching up to him, hardly surprising at age 43.

Wells has only given up one earned run so far, as he was a victim of a David Ortiz miscue at first, and his declining stuff. He reminds me of the old lion, being pushed out of the pride by young challengers. And so it must be.

Terry Francona seems to have a pattern, pitching Hansen, Delcarmen, and Timlin in front of Papelbon when the game is on the line, and the 'Z' squad, Tavarez and Seanez when the Sox struggle.

Too bad Casey Fossum couldn't get guys out when he was on the Sox.

Anybody notice that Dustin Pedroia is in the lineup at third base tonight for the Pawsox. Obviously, the Sox are trying to prepare for whatever contingency arises amidst the injury bug. Keith Foulke threw a pair of scoreless innings, and he could certainly have a role in the bullpen, if he can get healthy.

It hasn't been made very clear who the Sox are trading to the Orioles for Javy Lopez, either Adam Stern or Alejandro Machado by rumor. Stern is blocked ultimately by both Jacoby Ellsbury and Wily Mo Pena in the longer term plans. As for Lopez, the D-Rays are running on him as though he were 'the one-armed man', and he hasn't made anybody forget Johnny Bench at the bat either.

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