Tuesday, May 22, 2007

5 is Good, 5 is Bad

The Red Sox continued their series at the House That Ruth Built, led by Birthday Boy Julian Tavarez (34). Of course, one wonders what that translates to into 'real' years. Tavarez buddy Manny Ramirez hammered a three-run tater off New York starter and loser Mike Mussina, who is trying to pitch without a fastball.

The game had its share of 'events'...

  • Mike Lowell hit the fair pole with his 9th home run...two more than Manny
  • Hideki Okajima was scored upon for the first time since Opening Day. The Okey-Dokey wasn't finding the zone, and he couldn't throw the curve near the plate
  • Coco Crisp beat out an almost certain DP, and stole second, keying the Sox three run rally that put the game into Cigar Mode
  • Jonathan Papelbon walked the first two hitters he faced...but got a pair of strikeouts, including Derek Jeter to end the game
  • A-Fraud took out Pedroia at second, with a 'slide' which departed from second base. The Bomber fans will salute the Fraud's hard-nosed play. Old-timers will only note that Rodriguez will 'get his', at the time and place of opponent's choosing. Basically, the Fraud slide should have merited an automatic double play call.

J.D. Drew continues to struggle miserably at the plate. Sox fans know this guy can play, but we're already beginning to wonder about a hidden injury, or the 'can't play in Boston' label. Winning does heal a wealth of injuries.

Youk continues to hit, despite the squirrel he wears on his face. Okay, I'm just envious.

Minor League: Roger Clemens gets another start tomorrow night in Trenton. He gets about 10 grand every time he blinks his eyes. Other former Sox, like Ferguson Jenkins, no longer pitch. Jenkins went 22-21 in two years for the Sox, winning 20 games 7 times for other teams. He also hit 6 homers and hit .243 for the Cubs in 1971.

Jacoby Ellsbury had three hits (.267) in a PawSox win tonight.

Outfield prospect Jason Place had a pair of hits to raise his average to .212 at Greenville. Meanwhile, in the pen, Josh Papelbon lowered his ERA to 1.09. Maybe he needs a promotion to the hard-hitting California League.

Five is good when fifth starter Julian Tavarez garners a win in Yankee Stadium. Five stinks when the Celtics grab the 5 pick with the NBA's second worst record.

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the george said...

Maybe we'll get to see cousin Yi next year in Celtics green.