Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mercenary Spirit: Clemens Takes the Cash

McDonough's "Texas Con Man", Roger Clemens, found over 18 million reasons to declare his loyalty to the Yankees, signing on for another stint in the Big Apple. Injuries to Wang, Mussina, Karstens, Pavano (what else is new?), and Hughes have decimated the Bombers' staff. But cash has brought Clemens back into the fold.

The Sox evidently came in a distant second to the Yankees on this bid. Meanwhile, the Yankees inherit the baggage that inevitably comes with a soon-to-be 45 year-old righthander. The hamstring and quad pulls that have limited Clemens in the past loom even more concerning at this age. Of course, the friendship between Andy Pettitte and Clemens (and the formidable run support available in New York) proved irresistable.

As for the lure of 'home' and 'family', Clemens has traded those in the past for the dollars, so why change now? While Red Sox fans would have welcomed their All-Time victory leader (tied with Cy Young) back, I doubt that too many are crying in their collective beer tonight. Even fifth starter Julian Tavarez has looked better recently, while Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz are not too far off from being contributors.

The Sox captured two of three from the always tough Twins at the Dome, and the pen continued to be mightier than the sword, led by Papelbon, Okajima, and Donnelly.

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