Wednesday, May 30, 2007

See No Evil

Can there be a single Pollyanna left among Bomberdom? On the other hand, let's step back and ask a couple of questions...

  • What percentage of US marriages end in divorce? 43 percent.
  • What percentage of men have been to a strip club? Who knows, but I doubt that the six-foot rule is dissuading the crowd.

Baseball teams employ large numbers of obscenely wealthy young men who spend half their season on the road. Because libraries and museums are closed after night games, I'm sure that baseball players frequent other late night entertainment venues. How is A-Rod different from the rest of them? He got "busted".

We open the morning newspaper to see Lindsay Lohan or other celebrities variously impaired, and professional athletes make attractive targets, too. Charles Barkley reminded us, "I am not a role model." A-Rod seems content with a simple, "no comment."

Red Sox Roundup.

  • Whatever became of Wendell 'Send Him In" Kim and Dale "Sveum" old song-and-dance?
  • If Jhonny Peralta were dyslexic, would his name look better?
  • You never see that category - the Youkilis inside-the-park home run, Julian Tavarez bowling to first, and Casey Blake with a hit-by-pitch while swinging strikeout?
  • Will Hideki Okajima ever throw another curve for a strike? Imagine if he could get that going, too?
  • Who would've thought Detroit and Cleveland would become a great rivalry?
  • Is the Tampa outfielder Dukes a Hazard?
  • Don't you hate seeing Hafner come up?
  • The Sox ALMOST turned the 5-4-3 triple play the other day
  • Does Ryan Garko resemble Keith Foulke?
  • Is it true that the Yankees are going to the Commissioner to complain about the umpiring?
  • Have you ever seen a bigger differential in hitting ahead and behind in the count? I'm sure we have, I just can't remember.
  • Coco Crisp IS throwing better this year...better than Johnny Damon...not hitting better than JD though.
  • Old friend Kelly Shoppach gets a start for the Tribe tonight.

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