Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's Never About the Money

Roger, meet Will Hunting, erstwhile mathematics genius. "The Yankees agree to pay you 28 million, over about two-thirds of the season...18 million, give or take. The Red Sox offer 18 million prorated over half the season, nine million. Eighteen minus nine, that would be nine million dollars a year."

Now we know that you have a lot of mouths to feed, although some of the K clan are playing on the road. But nine million dollars will feed the average family of four, for let's say, five hundred years.

But then it's about respect. The Nobel Prize is worth 10 million kronor these days, but I'd guess that might be more about respect than money. The Cy Young for a young guy like Johan Santana would surely be worth 10 million extra large US, but also worth some respect.

Today the Yankee fans amidst us were crowing about how 'upset' the Red Sox were at not landing Clemens. I had trouble sleeping last night, but it might have been a stiff back. I'm sure John Henry lost a lot of sleep at not landing Clemens...but what is the VORP for Roger (value over replacement player)?

Clemens led the majors in VORP in 2005 and fell to 24th in 2006. That's pretty good, but will he duplicate it in 2007 in another league with more mileage? Richard Thaler did some pretty impressive pitching of his own with 'The Winner's Curse', an expose' about cognitive bias...the point being when competing for an asset, you tend to overpay and get underproduction. But we know that the only curses left now (The Curse of Mrs. X) are on the Yankees.

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