Saturday, October 11, 2008

Flame Out

What's with the Hot Stove League talk? Let it go. I don't want to talk about pitching roles, trades and free agency, or retirements during the ALCS. Is A-Rod dictating the discussion?

Last night's game certainly had both a dramatic and artistic success. Daisuke Matsuzaka carried a no-no into the 7th, out of trouble (first and third no out), and the bullpen got it done, with Okajima, Masterson, and Papelbon all perfect.

Kevin Youkilis' value has manifested itself with his post-season contribution at third base, and Mark Kotsay's success reflects well on the organization and Kotsay. Dustin Pedroia added a couple of appearances on base, made a brilliant defensive play out of the shift, and swiped a key bag leading to scoring the second run.

Once again, Terry Francona gets overlooked for his managerial decisions:
  • Optimizing rest with his rotation
  • Flawless bullpen execution, with the sinkerballer Masterson getting the DP
  • Getting the key basehit from Mark Kotsay in his role at first base. Kotsay's defense and speed argued for his inclusion.
Nonetheless, I haven't spoken to fans who dismiss the Rays. The playoff atmosphere bears little resemblance to the regular season between both the packed house and the idiotic cowbells.

Justin Masterson...his wife bakes cookies for Don and Jerry. That's good, innocent, everything right with the world. The shaved head and facial hair? Looks like the Major League he movie style, with the only accessory missing is the leather jacket. Call me a traditionalist, but I like the Cal Ripken look.

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