Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not Even a Whimper

Thus far the Sox have yet to be able to generate anything vaguely resembling offense. I won't say Kazmir looks like Sandy Koufax, Ron Guidry, or even Frank Tanana in his prime. In fact, he's simply dominated the Sox with ordinary stuff.

Daisuke Matsuzaka didn't have it, and the Death Rays have pitch-slapped the Boston Brahmins with the long ball and superior pitching.

A number of Sox have simply pulled Houdinis (disappearing acts) during this series. The leadoff spot, David Ortiz, and Jason Varitek have just been AWOL. At least Mike Lowell had a legitimate excuse.

The Sox have the talent, but simply haven't played well. Starting pitching greatly underperformed and the bullpen was spotty.

Will Jason Varitek get a rousing departure ovation? Players can lose it offensively in dramatic fashion. Remember how quickly Jim Rice's career abruptly fell.

The disappointment isn't so much in defeat (if it ensues) but in the margin in which the Rays overwhelmed and outclassed the Sox.

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