Thursday, October 02, 2008

Stepping Up

The last time the Sox faced the Angels, they were in the last throes of the Ramirez era, with Manny quitting on the team. Manny's migration improved two teams, illustrated today.

Jon Lester affirmed Terry Francona's faith with seven strong innings (one earned run), and superior eighth inning defense by Jacoby Ellsbury and Youkilis preserved a lead on a two-run Bay Blast. Ellsbury made a remarkable diving catch and Youk made a brilliant right field to third base throw on a blooper over his head to nail Vlad G trying to go first to third.

Lester's win runs his career W-L record to 29-8. Heady stuff, verily.

The Sox continued their postseason dominance over the Angels, and will that weigh on them?

Jonathan Papelbon closed out the Halos, striking out the side in the 9th.

Jacoby Ellsbury has clearly worked to seal the inside hole he had, and added a pair of stolen bases and four hits (one was erroneously called an error, but okay it's three) in solidifying his macro-pest standing in the leadoff spot.

One game doesn't win a series, but the Sox should feel that the regular season blues against the Angels are irrelevant, in Belechickian style.

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