Monday, March 02, 2009

Penny Anti?

The Red Sox hope that free agent signee Brad Penny can become a valuable contributor to their starting rotation this season. But he's having trouble getting loose, in Florida.

Meanwhile, there's a foot of snow in Boston, and I've spent as much money on Ice Melt as a pair of Dartmouth tuitions this year. I'm as worried about the miles per gallon rating on my snowblower as on my car.

While the Red Sox wrestle with the Grapefruit League while determining which Spring Training uniform to wear, fans can't decide whether to go with the really high boots, the full face-mask hat, and one or two pairs of gloves. "Home white" simply means snow covered everything, and "steal" means getting a North Face jacket without having to consult a mortgage broker.

Penny's done good work in Florida and in LA, but we've gotta wonder whether the frozen tundra is going to suit his makeup. Let's hope the Sox' renowned 'shoulder program' involves something for the 'cold shoulder'.

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