Friday, March 13, 2009

Sox Shorts

Let's face it...Spring Training seems like it's lasted about two months already, and we're only here on Friday the 13th of March.

Sox-Yankees on the tube tonight, and what can you say?
  • Saito and Tazawa both look good. Tazawa looked to have a superior breaking ball and plenty of poise on the hill.
  • Players are looking more 'normal' all the time. Not seeing any specimens in the Jose Canseco/Alex Rodriguez mode.
  • Big Papi goes yard. That's a crowd and Nation pleaser.
  • I can't help but root for Jeff Bailey.
  • Jonathan Papelbon induced a couple of bad swings.
  • Let's hope that the Sox can handle Wang with the same ease in September.
  • I'm having a confidence ebb in Tim Wakefield; of course my opinion means nothing.
  • Maybe pitchers should be allowed to run in the outfield during the regular season.
  • Good to hear Jerry in the booth. The real Oil Can.

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Anonymous said...

Mikey Lowell!!!