Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reality, Rumors

The Red Sox seem to be getting their mojo, with Jon Lester working 4.3 innings tonight, and narrowly avoiding a broken maple bat. They gotta do something about this...but won't until somebody gets seriously hurt.

Kevin Youkilis continues to fight foot and ankle problems. Ugh.

Pedro Martinez can't seem to hook on with anyone. Contract demands, I'm sure, as Pedro has always driven a hard bargain. Watching him throw in the WBC, he looked to be throwing harder, but the fastball didn't LOOK like it had the old movement...not as though I saw a lot of his pitches though.

Red Sox 'Georges?' Well, we have Kottaras, Scott (the Boomer), and Thomas (hey, I'm old). Add some more of your own...

Brad Penny has the heater up to the Florida heat.

The leprechaun with the Pedroia '15' taped on his back...that's the bomb.

A patient just returned from Fort Myers raving about the "Red Sox Destinations" trip, the games, the barbecue, and dinner with Terry Francona and several members of the team.

Is it me, or does it seem like Spring Training is lasting forever this year?

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