Saturday, March 21, 2009


"It's difficult to make predictions, especially about the future." - Yogi Berra

With Spring Training going on, and on, and on, that gives us a chance to make predictions. 

1. The Red Sox will win AL East, because of their superior starting pitching.

2. The Red Sox consecutive game sellout streak will be broken this year under the strain of the economy.

3. Jed Lowrie will beat out Julio Lugo for the shortstop job. 

4. Lugo will ultimately be traded (and the Sox eat more shortstop salary).

5. Injuries in the bullpen will force some shuffling. Saito will have unexpected value.

6. Jason Varitek will continue to struggle from the left-side of the plate, but not as badly as in 2008.

7. Jacoby Ellsbury will increase his on base percentage to above .350. His dives in the outfield however, will have injury ramifications.

8. Rocco Baldelli will get at least 250 at bats.

9. Junichi Tazawa and Daniel Bard will both see time in the majors this season.

10. An injury caused by maple bats will cause either their ban or modification (handle reinforcement)

11. Jon Lester will lead the team in wins. 

12. The price of a water will equal the cost of a bleacher ticket in 1975 for the World Series.

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Dennis said...

Some good well grounded predictions, not sure I agree with Nos 2, (Sellout record) 8. (Rocco Baldelli). I'd like to know the Price of a 1975 WS bleacher ticket .