Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baseball 2009: Early Impressions

Maybe it's too soon to make overarching judgements about the 2009 baseball season, but we all have our early impressions. 

  • Is the offense better around the league or the pitching worse?
  • Break up the Marlins?
  • Balls are flying out of Yankee Stadium.
  • The Red Sox pitching may not be nearly as good as we thought.
  • Fortunately, the Yankee pitching may not be as good either.
  • Maybe Zack Greinke (ERA 0.00 after three games) IS the real deal.
  • You knew Tim Lincecum wasn't going to keep getting lit up forever.
  • Lou Groza's five field goals and a Browns touchdown were too much for the Yankees.
  • Kansas City. First place. 
  • Does Gary Sheffield's 500th homer (25th guy to do it) get a steroid asterisk?
  • Some think Bob Watson still acts in the Yankees' interest.
  • The New Look Giants have a record like the 2008 Giants.
  • Manny continues to hit (and field) like Godzilla. 
  • Anybody wondering whether the balls are juiced?
  • Johan Santana sure looks good. Should that surprise us?
  • Are the Orioles trying to keep Matt Wieters from reaching free agency earlier by keeping him down on the farm?
  • Speaking of catchers...Joe Mauer...get well soon.
  • Ryan Ludwick is on a 180 plus RBI pace (yeah, it's early)
  • Is Tampa crazy for keeping David Price at Durham?
  • The best team in the AL East (by run differential) by a Toronto.
  • Think that Roy Haladay has anything to do with that?
  • The worst team by run differential? The Yankees. Okay, so an 18 run defeat yesterday caused that.
  • Major league attendance figures? Eyeballing 'em...they're down. The median 2008 attendance was 31K and change. So far, it's 29 and change. 

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