Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Zero to Sixty

There's a saying in baseball about you win 60, you lose 60 and what you do in the other 40 determines what kind of team you are. Well, today was one of those 'lose 60' efforts as the Sox went from zero losses to using up one of their 60 defined losses.

We didn't see Bigfoot out there tonight in the frozen tundra, but it probably felt that way. The Rays brought out the Kazmir sweater, and the largest strike zone since Eric Gregg destroyed a lot of hitters. The Ques-Tec police are going to be out there on this one, although the zone was consistent...consistently oversized.

Another weird play as Gabe Kapler (after a double) got thrown out at third on a blooper to center that Jacoby Ellsbury handled.

Terry Francona looked like he wanted to commit harikari after watching Javier Lopez play hide and seek with a 99 hopper to the mound, allowing a run to score.

It's premature to make any major judgments after a pair of games. Just one of those nights.

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