Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Musical Chairs

Most Sox fans are trying to avoid making too much of a start to the season marked by losing three consecutive series, to the Rays, Halos, and A's.

The strength of the team ostensibly is its starting pitching, which has largely betrayed them.

Josh Beckett contests a suspension, Jon Lester hasn't gotten it together, and Daisuke Matsuzaka goes on the DL, a casualty of the World Baseball Classic.

So what's logical?

  • Brad Penny goes Friday
  • Beckett is contesting suspension, and presumably would be available Saturday; then serve his suspension
  • Lester would go Sunday
  • Masterson would move into the rotation Monday against Baltimore
  • Wakefield would come back Tuesday.
  • Ideally the Sox use a spot starter callup Wednesday (Bowden or Tazawa)
  • Thursday would be an off day
  • Friday they bring back Penny
  • Saturday would mean Lester
  • Sunday night (having served his six game suspension) Beck against the Yankees.
Tim Wakefield was masterful today, sparing the bullpen, which now gets a travel day to recover.

The Sox need a day off to lick their wounds and recover some swagger. Winning a series might help...

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