Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Randoms

When was the last time the Sox won ten in a row to move into second place? Maybe 1967. On that interesting note, let's try some random thoughts.

  • The NBA's gone to plus minus in assessing contribution. Maybe the newspapers could introduce that for starting pitchers and catchers. Too random?
  • A Yankee fan took umbrage to my comment that Kevin Youkilis might be the Sox version of Paul O'Neill. Evidently, he viewed O'Neill as the New York version of Mother Teresa. Did she beat up water coolers?
  • Ramon Ramirez has been pretty he just wild enough to be scary?
  • Cliff Lee looks like he's got the kryptonite so far tonight.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury is on a 90 steal pace. With Scott Boras as his agent, will we know him as the Ellsbury Dough Boy?
  • David Ortiz still isn't making great contact. Does Papi need an eye check, or a wrist check?
  • Julio Lugo is back. I'm kinda good with Nick Green for now. Don't rush it, eh?
  • Tim Wakefield's biggest liability is the running game.
  • The Rem Dawg is in fine form this year.
  • Jason Varitek is still only hitting .216, but it's a hard .216, with a slugging percent of .510.
  • I still hate that damned drum at the Jake.
  • Do knuckleballers need pitch counts?
  • Mike Lowell has been a revelation at the plate this season.
  • Jason Bay...has he found a home in left. Let's hope so.
  • Good article today on the fairly dramatic increase in Papelbon's pitches per inning this season...a sign of diminishing dominance or just a statistical aberration.
  • Jeff Bailey has been tracking a few fly balls tonight like they were radioactive.
  • Will Ellsbury have enough cachet to compete for a Gold Glove this year?
  • The median attendance in baseball this season is 28 thousand and change. Last season it was 31 thousand and change. Too bad the Bureau of Labor and Statistics doesn't incorporate it into their economic calculus.

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