Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Lowdown on the Beckett Deal - a Yankee View

Let's face it, as Sox fans, we aren't the most objective cards in the deck. Sox fans thought the Gator was the best thing since sliced bread, paid homage to the Millar altar, and on the Red Sox Usenet board, there are fans who believe that a hustling Bill Mueller is worth more than Manny Ramirez.

First, we won't have to 'worry' about Manny having a bad influence on Hanley Ramirez, who seemed destined to wind up somewhere else in the wake of the Renteria deal. Second, the Sox didn't sacrifice either Lester or Hansen to the Floridians.

What are Yankee fans saying? Here's a smattering of comments I've heard. "It's a great deal for the Red Sox." "What's the downside for the Red Sox?" "A real commissioner would block this deal." THAT is definitely my favorite, when Yankee fans whine about exploitation of the system.

Okay, now where's Waldo, er, Larry, standing up to take credit for the deal? Like OJ, he's probably searching continuously for the next GM. Everybody's getting their second interview.

Here are some of the sample questions that you get during a second interview, to see whether you can pass LuQueeno's muster.

1. How do you spell 'loyalty'?
2. Can you sing the Red Sox fight song (trick question)?
3. Who's your Daddy?
4. What is the distance between home plate and second base?
5. Did you play baseball in college?
6. Did you have a higher batting average than I had in college?
7. Can you explain the formula for runs created?
8. Who hit John Wyatt in the head throwing to second base (Bob Tillman)?
9. Do you have a copy of 'The Impossible Dream"?
10.When would you like to trade Manny?
11. How much is too much for Johnny Damon?
12. How much do you hate Scott Boras?
13. Do you have any great marketing ideas for the Red Sox?
14. Do you have a conscience?
15. How many scoops of coffee go into the Bunn percolator in the morning?

They are pretty hard questions, but that explains why the Sox still don't have a GM, right?

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