Monday, June 19, 2006

Cora, Cora, Cora!

He's never hit .300, scored or driven in 50 runs in a season. He's never stolen 10 bags in a year. His range factor and fielding percentage aren't quite at the major league average. The best he ever 'rated' was fourth, in hit by pitches in the NL in 2004. Ouch.

He's fairly versatile, playing second, short, third, and left field. His comps are guys like Glenn Hoffman, Luis Rivera, and Donnie Hill. There simply isn't anything remarkable about the thirty-year old from Caguas, Puerto Rico.

But he knows the game. He always seems to be in the middle of a rally, slapping a single between first and second, or laying down a bunt, or turning a key double play. That's Alex Cora, a guy who can simply play. You won't win with twenty-five of him, but you may win more games with him as your 25th man, because he produces.

He's Larry Izzo on special teams, or Bruce Bowen shutting down the star, a quiet lunchpail guy. I've heard that he's one of Terry Francona's favorite players, and that he's one of those players who are expected to manage someday. Although by far he's not the Sox best player, he's my kind of player. Here's to you, Alex. Cora, Cora, Cora!

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