Monday, June 26, 2006


I was going to tell the story of Big Papi and the Beanstalk, but maybe we'll save that for another day.

Philadelphia came to town with some pretty good talent, Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Pat Burrell, Bobby Abreu, Aaron Rowland, and Ryan Howard. They decided to play Monopoly with the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Style.

Game 1 of the series was pretty much one of those contests when the Phillies just kept landing on 'Chance' and paying 15 dollars to the Red Sox for every house they own. And when you consider the money these guys make, that can set you back.

Game 2, the Brett Myers game, was more complex, but Myers landed on the 'Go to Jail' square, had no get out of jail free card, and in fact, not only did not pass go, but had to pay 200 dollars to get out of jail. Big Papi pretty much ruined their day by constructing a hotel near Park Street station.

Game 3 was even stranger. The Red Sox raced out and put houses all over the place, only to have a furious rally and tie the game. The Red Sox put the Community Chest guy out there at the end to close it, and amazingly Papelbon's magical suit came off and the Phillies sent it into extras. The Phils went ahead in twelve, and the Sox needed the Phils to keep rolling doubles to land on Sox property, then go to jail, then blow it. Mirabile dictu, Forrest Gump style, 'it happens' as once again Big Papi walks off with a game winning hit, his 10th as a Sox.

Craig Hansen couldn't prevent an inherited runner from scoring, but Coco Crisp's leadoff double, a Youkilis two-out single, and Papi's latest heroic produced Monopoly Magic. If Brett Myers arrest and 'embarrassment speech didn't inflame Phillie Phandom, then the sweep surely would. About the only Boston domination not seen was Wally cuffing around the Phillie Phanatic like a rented mule.

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