Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Goliath Upsets David

Gnashing of teeth is acceptable. Kicking the dog is not. Punching the speed bag might help. Punching the wall will not. We recognize that baseball is a game of inches, and a Bucknerian groundball led to a Bomber run, and a terrific catch by Cabrera denied Manny's bid for a homer. Still, relievers have to come in and throw strikes and Seanez' walking in the winning run defines futility.

David couldn't quite overcome Goliath in Gotham tonight, despite a quality start by any means.

The bigger picture however, shows differences between the teams, with the New Yorkers averaging over six runs a game (the Sox at 5.5) and the ancient rivals with an ERA of 4.28 to the Sox 4.75.

The Pythagorean Equation of baseball assesses run differential and New York has outscored opponents by 77 and the Sox outscored opposition by 27. Only the magnificence (can you call it otherwise) of Papelbon (and New York injuries) have allowed the Sox to remain on the heels of the division leaders.

We can only hope that Pauley's performance tonight wasn't a fluke, especially with the recent struggles of erstwhile number 1B, Josh Beckett. Toss in the age of Schilling and Wakefield and Sox fans go on suicide watch.

Craig Hansen joined the parent club today, and every indication suggests that Jon Lester starts against Texas on Saturday. Lester has pitched out of trouble induced by walks recently, but the Sox willingness to give some young players a chance is refreshing.

Plodding relative to Crisp or not, Kevin Youkilis needs to go back into the leadoff spot until Coco gets it going. Man-Law.

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Tek33 said...

There are just a few things that I would add to this. First of all, kicking of your neighbor's (Boasting Yankee Fan)dog that barks 23 hours of the day is offically deemed acceptable. Secondly, most of Manny's HRs are unarguable, and since he has robbed a few fellow leaguers, a couple dominos his ways are acceptable. Plus, you always have to root for a rookie in NY to show-up the veterans. Third, you say "only the magnificence ... of Papelbon" have allowed the Sox to hold first place standings all but 7 days of the season. I would argue the unbelieveable increase in defense has helped a tremendous amount. Balls that were heading into the gap, or by the "dive" of an infielder, are now outs if not double plays. Fourth, Schill is always described as "the work-horse" for the Sox, but I think the true label should be bestowed upon Wake. As a knuckleballer, he can go another 4+ years, and NEVER says anything about the conditions in which he plays (giving up a start in the '04 ALCS to help the bullpen in extra innings, never saying a word to the media when Belli was traded and Bard was having undeniable difficulty, Belli injuried his wrist using Papi's bat and went on the DL, forcing Tek to catch for him and him losing all games that Tek subbed in, etc.). And finally, I know that a lot has been said about Youk leaving the lead-off position with Crisps' return, but I would say that Youk should be in the seven hole, since research shows that the seven spot starts just as many innings as the one hole, having Youk be the RBI receiver instead of the first BI could only help the Sox.