Thursday, June 22, 2006

Day Off Better Than an Off Day

After a long road trip and road-heavy schedule the Red Sox have an off day. How do ballplayers spend a day off?

  • Some on the Bombers, especially the Juice Guys, probably spend some time looking for clean needles. Wouldn't want the growth hormone shots to be contaminated with hepatitis or AIDS. Health conscious means health safety.
  • First, in deference to Rabelais and the French philosophical novel, I'd guess some are playing the two-backed beast.
  • Manny Ramirez, believe it or not, is probably watching '24' reruns.
  • Trot's probably watching Disney Netflix with the kids.
  • Terry Francona, poring over the matchup charts for the Mets. I hope not, take a rest big guy.
  • Jon Lester must be pinching himself.
  • Could Kevin Youkilis be considering shaving off that stubble just below his lip? Don't do it, it's lucky!
  • Wake would be enjoying his new Bernie & Phyl mattress
  • Jon Papelbon might be breaking in that 'Hummer' from the car ads.
  • Al Nipper's getting ready to watch Roger get to work.
  • Relief Guyz that endz in Zs are checking the relief stats.
  • Willie Harris might be giving interviews about Chicago sportswriters.
  • Curt Schilling is dealing with the 'To Do' list.

A day off is a lot better off for them than it is for us.

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