Monday, June 05, 2006

Positive Thinking

Let's come up with some positives.

10. No major injuries tonight.

9. Early 'oiling' for the RemDawg

8. Rest for some regulars.

7. No blisters with 46 pitches.

6. Jon Lester threw four scoreless innings tonight for the PawSox.

5. Youkilis wasn't hit on the arm again.

4. No second-guessing any Francona critical decisions.

3. "A beautiful night for baseball."

2. Second place allows us the 'we try harder approach'.

1. Wait'll tomorrow night with, er, David Pauley on the mound...I think I have some antacids in the cupboard.

Bonus: Those Miller Lite 'Man Law' ads are great.

1 comment:

MikeHoncho said...

Hey, lets not forgot #11. Arod cements his status as Roto legened by his heads up steal in an 8-2 ball game on a 3-0 pitch. Keep in mind that the day before Larry Bowa went off on Corey Patterson for stealing a base with a 6 run lead.