Sunday, July 02, 2006

Objectively Speaking: All Star Vote

Realizing that certain All-Star positions are determined solely by 'distribution' of teams, we can at least look at where the Sox might fall on merit. It's hard to be as objective about defense, but we can look at Runs Created/27 at bats or OPS.


Joe Mauer
deserves it. RC27 9.81 (Varitek at 3.88). Posada is number 2.

First base

Giambi and Youkilis
are one-two at 9.72 and 8.04. Thome at 10.48, Ortiz is at 7.67 and has the intangibles. Travis Hafner is at 10.47 and deserves to go.

Second base

Brian Roberts (5.89)
and Loretta (5.39) are one-two. Loretta has a chance. Tadahito Iguchi is another potential, but other White Sox will go ahead of him.


Derek Jeter
is on top at 7.53, with Carlos Guillen and Orlando Cabrera not so far behind at 6.28 and 6.08. Cabrera may get the edge on distribution. Alex Gonzalez is 7th at 4.05. Tejada at 6.01.

Third base

and Glaus are tops at 6.60 and 6.24. Lowell is at 6.10 (fourth). Chavez a possibility on distribution.


Manny Ramirez 9.60
Vernon Wells 8.44
Jermaine Dye 8.37
Ichiro 8.20
Grady Sizemore 8.07
Trot Nixon 8.07
Alex Rios (injured) 7.82
Gary Matthews, Jr (really) 7.64

Twelve possible pitchers:
B.J. Ryan

8 starters, 12 or 13 pitchers, 10 reserves

Boston Schilling, Papelbon, Varitek (if voted), Loretta, Ramirez, Ortiz
New York Jeter, Giambi, Rodriguez, Rivera, Mussina
Toronto Wells, Halladay, Rios (injured), Ryan
Baltimore Tejada
Tampa Kazmir

Detroit Rogers, Verlander, Ordonez
Chicago Thome, Dye, Jenks, Buehrle
Minnesota Mauer, Santana
Cleveland Hafner, Sizemore
Kansas City Grudzielanek
(nobody on KC deserving)

Oakland Swisher
Texas Matthews, Jr.
Seattle Ichiro
LA Angels Cabrera

Obviously, there are always some 'bubble guys', like Jose Contreras, Nate Robertson, Barry Zito, John Lackey, Marcus Thames, Casey Blake, Jorge Posada and so on.

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