Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Why I Hate West Coast Road Trips

You're a Red Sox fan. Or you hate them. It's easy to understand the emotions associated with trips to the left coast. Here's why I can't stand the coast trips.

  • Time away from family. They have enough sense to go to bed. I often stay up.
  • Memories of exhausting my mom's radio batteries, falling asleep listening to those battles with Dean Chance et al.
  • That means 'Sox Lag', similar to jet lag
  • Also means fatigue hangover for the week.
  • More caloric intake. A minimum of some extra popcorn, if not peanuts or some other high calorie snacking.
  • The morning newspaper doesn't have either the score or the boxscore.
  • Communication gap with fellow workers. They've either watched little or all of the game. I'm usually somewhere in between.
  • The Oakland Mausoleum, one of the worst stadia around. At least since the demise of the Kingdome.
  • Is there both a state and city tax on baseball tickets in California?
  • Right field sun field in Oakland.
  • Ichiro. The Pest.
  • Memories of those late 80s, '90 teams, always getting stuffed by Dave Stewart, Eckersley and all.
  • BALCO boys.
  • Disneyland. It's not as good as Disney World. Not even close.

Do we need more reasons?

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Anonymous said...

Agreed, West Coast road trips throw everything off. Check out my statistical prediction on the World Series of 2006.

Go Sox!