Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Who Are Those Guys?

Jim Rice said that Jon Lester reminded him of the young Frank Tanana. I don't think he has quite the fastball that Tanana had, and I'm trying to think of whom he recalls to me. Most southpaws flourish via control and craft rather than power. I think Lester has the chance to be a top of the rotation guy, although I think he reminds me of Bruce Hurst.

I still think Lester throws across his body just a little, that may help his deception but decrease his efficiency. It may only be the angle on television, but that just my impression.

Tonight Lester minimized the baserunners, allowing just one hit and four runs in the best pitching performance by a Sox lefthanded starter, since, well, I have no idea when. He also picked off another baserunner. In the process, he raised his record to 5-0 and lowered his ERA to a microscopic (for the A.L.) 2.38. Rookie of the Year? I don't think so, as Jonathan Papelbon has lapped the field with his 28th save and an ERA of 0.55.

What are they feeding those tomatoes in the bullpen? They look like something out of the Little Shop of Horrors.

Lost in the pitching was the work of Jason Varitek, calling a masterful game as he eclipsed Carleton Fisk for the most games caught by a Red Sox catcher.

The Sox optioned Lenny Harris to Pawtucket along with Javier Lopez as they recalled Wily 'Coyote' Mo Pena and Jermaine 'President' Van Buren.

In the minors, Dustin 'The Wind' Pedroia continues to hold his average over .300 while playing solid defense and David Murphy continues his unexpectedly solid hitting, with a .913 OPS coming into tonight at Pawtucket. At Portland, Jacoby Ellsbury has been en fuego, hitting over .400 with 4 stolen bases in early action. After a horrendous start, Brandon Moss is up to .271 and Chad Spann is hitting over .300. And at Sarasota, Felix Doubront pitched six shutout innings the other day, as the young southpaw looks to join the Sox rotation around 2009.

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