Saturday, June 07, 2008

Comfort Zone for Drew and Commodity Education for You

The Red Sox have several players who have returned to more normal performance this year, notably Julio Lugo (including his defense). But the biggest defense in the lineup is the Guess Who's Coming to Dinner winner, J.D. Drew.

With three hits today, Drew is now sixth in the AL in OPS and fifth in the AL in batting average, in the top three in on base percentage, and just outside the top ten in runs scored. Drew obviously looks much more comfortable offensively both making contact and driving the ball, delivering his seventh homer of the season today.

Jeff Sagarin gives overall production ratings at USA Today, and using his ratings, Drew ranks fifth in the AL.

The Sox have avenged last night's whupping by the Mariners, presuming the Mariners don't hang double figures on Papelbon.

The SP500 with a point-and-figure chart with the COLUMN of Os moving below a lower column of Os. That's a negative in stock trading. John Henry would know that.
For Mr. Henry, COPPER, a.k.a. Dr. Copper, for its diagnostics on the economy (a critical component of houses, automobiles, and electronics) also is negative...unlike the general commodities index shown yesterday.

Charts courtesy of Stockcharts.

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