Friday, June 06, 2008

Suspended Animation and "Ownership" Status

Major League Baseball trotted out its 'Three Blind Mice' disciplinary squad and with all the precision of an Edwin Jackson fastball suspended Coco Crisp for 7 games, Jon Lester for 5, and Sean Casey for 3. As for the Rays, who cares? And what fine did Joe Maddon get for his supervisory role?

Does this bring the Sox closer together or has the incident been divisive? Did Youk and Manny disagree on their role in the punchout?

Tonight it's FITNESS NIGHT at the ballpark, as my idol Bartolo Colon (a couple more pieces of garlic bread and I'm there) climbs the hill for the Sox against the Mariners.

The Sox go from the fish to the fishermen, as the Mariners invade Fenway Park.

According to ESPN, several Red Sox players take umbrage with Youkilis' temper tantrums after outs. Youkilis has filled Paul O'Neill's role with the Yankees, designated hothead. Of course, Yankee fans don't see it that way, because O'Neill was a 'competitor'.

Chris Carter, we barely knew ya'.

Holy crap! The Red Sox muffed up a 1-6-3 DP, as it didn't appear that the Sox knew who was covering. Then on the next play, Colon throws to first instead of getting the force. Two unnecessary runs.

Stat Boy.

The Sox are first in on base percentage, and second in runs, total bases, and on base slugging percentage, behind Texas. Mirabile dictu the Sox trail only Tampa with 56 stolen bases.

On the hill, the Sox are sixth in ERA (3.93), first in strikeouts, and fifth in batting average against. So the combination of balance in run production and run prevention have led the Sox to the second best record in the AL.

"Turn those machines back on."

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