Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reality TV Invades Fenway - RemDawg Day Afternoon

Jerry Remy gets recognized as a Red Sox lifer, which can't be a bad thing. The RemDawg brings a breadth of baseball knowledge and affability to the park daily, and a sense of humor that seems unflappable, unless Don Orsillo impedes his post-game departure.

The best part of RemDawg Day Afternoon for me was the reunion of former teammates, including Rick Burleson, Jim Rice, Carleton Fisk, Dennis Eckersley, and coach Walt Hriniak.

Other worthwhile memories include some Ned 'Rooster' Martin clips as Remy's first partner, and Lenny Clarke yelling for Heidi Watney, who was sitting virtually behind him.

My wife asked about Hriniak. Hriniak was legendary for his willingness to tutor hitters with his 'style' that rescued the careers of some (Dwight Evans notably) and impaired others (Rich Gedman didn't seem to hit with the helicopter swing by my recollection).

Meanwhile, the action on the field left something to be desired, as Doug Davis appeared to be Jamie Moyer reincarnated with the Sox mostly mesmerized by his offerings.

Once again some ferocious rain and thunderstorms brought on a late start, only adding to the lateness of the affair.

Justin Masterson continued his OJT (on the job training) with a mostly serviceable evening, excepting a two run homer and four RBI from Chad Tracy.

With Kevin Youkilis and David Ortiz absent from the lineup, the Sox looked mostly punchless, with Manny Ramirez scuffling with his hammy, and the replacements (Moss, Crisp) not having much impact so far. Pedroia continues to creep back toward .300 (at .284) with his homer, single and pair of RBI, and Chris Smith looked very sharp out of the pen.

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