Thursday, June 12, 2008

Southpaw Exposure

Statistics IP H BB SO W-L ERA

Player A 89 84 37 57 5-3 3.43

Player B 94 88 24 86 7-4 2.85

Player A has a salary of $421,000 and is 24 years old and Player B is 29 years old and his salary is $16.98 million.

Player A is Jon Lester, who hasn't allowed more than three earned runs in his last nine starts. Player B is Johan Santana. I'm not claiming that Lester is the equal of Johan Santana. But for a young pitcher learning his craft, Lester has performed admirably and improving steadily throughout the season.

The Sox had three homers tonight, ironically the 10th of the season for each of Mike Lowell, Kevin Youkilis, and J.D. Drew. Has that ever happened before.

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OldElvis said...

Player B would have a higher ERA if he pitched in the AL as well..