Monday, June 23, 2008


Every game has unique features, that aren't necessarily unique but by convention are. For example, Kevin Youkilis gets hit in the face by an infield warmup toss and has to leave the game. And the Red Sox run short of substitutes, so Brandon Moss's appearance at first base costs them a run on a spinning dribbler.

Julio Lugo was hitting over .274, but it seems like the weakest .274 ever, with a homer and thirteen RBI...a real eye rubber.

The Sox finally pushed across in run in the eighth inning and trail 2-1 with two down. I don't love the matchup of Manny against ultra hard throwers like Tony Pena. But you never know with Manny being Manny.

Meanwhile, statistically the Sox have moved into fifth in pitching in the AL and remain in second in the AL in runs scored. The Sox have finally pushed over the '2' mark in strikeouts to walks, partially from the bullpen, but also from improved work from Jon Lester. Lester has grown in front of our eyes, to the point that he is becoming a number two starter. Eighth in the AL in ERA for starters, He had a 2.97 ERA in six May starts and has a 1.63 ERA in three June starts. He is also third in the AL in innings pitched.

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Anonymous said...

i'd love to see where we were at this time last year. w-l, offense, defense, pitching, player stats.