Monday, June 20, 2005


What words best describe Sox fans? Passionate, loyal, obsessed, angry, insatiable? Last year the Sox did the unthinkable but possible, actually won the whole enchilada.

At times, it seems as though we're back to square one, led of course, by critical works like my 'panic button' picture, the daily flaying of Edgar Renteria by much of the sports radio rabble, and our latest whipping boys, Alan Embree and Jay Payton.

Embree, to his credit, acknowledges that he's underachieved. Payton just wants to play. Embree has a pretty fair post-season track record and done poorly in relief this year. Payton has a more mediocre dossier but has performed admirably off the bench.

Let's spread the wealth, with our 'wish list'

Jason Varitek - just lay off the high, hard ones.
Kevin Millar - if you have to carry the piano while running, don't play it Mark Bellhorn - contact...think contact
Edgar Renteria - don't listen to these nitwits, just have fun
Bill Mueller - keeping icing the knees
Manny - be yourself, and don't be
Johnny Damon - remember, money isn't everything; talk to Kapler
Trot Nixon - don't feel bad about the lefties, Payton has to play, too
David Ortiz - don't ever change
Curt Schilling - get well
Terry Francona - a healthy Schilling will boost your IQ 20 points
Keith 'Truck' Foulke - 2 mph on the fastball
Tim Wakefield - wind resistance
Matt Clement - continue to find the tight slider
David Wells - sharpen up the curveball
Bronson Arroyo - a third pitch
Wade Miller - reducing the pitch count
Kevin Youkilis - P.T.
Dale Sveum - decision analysis software, and a sense of humor
Matt Mantei - command
John Halama - a comfortable pillow for the bullpen

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