Monday, June 13, 2005

Pitch Count (W10-3) GB 3 ?

Football mentality. Judging each game as though it were the NFL weekly tilt.

Tonight's game would have been the Buffalo overtime win with David Patten getting knocked out, fumbling, but 'recovering' because he was out of bounds. One more strange play was Willy Mo Pena's attempt to catch Manny's homerun and deflecting it into the stands. Maybe Manny deserved a break.

Matt Clement, 7 wins in 63 games, had his slider and cutter working to the tune of 9 strikeouts, and Matt Mantei closed it out with his usual, er, command. Clement, the victim of no run support as a Cub, has felt the opposite while on the Sox. Clement also got his tenth quality start.

Maybe we fans shouldn't be so high on our own personal '8itch count', but a lot of the games have been painful to watch, amidst struggling pitching and inconsistent offense.

Maybe a decent homestand will calm the spirit of the nation. Three games out of the wild card with injuries and inconsistency aren't so bad.

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