Saturday, June 18, 2005

Pen still leaking (L2-0)

The good news: my wife and I went out to see Revenge of the Sith instead of staying home to watch the Sox-Pirates.

The bad news: heard the collapse of the pen ending the five game winning streak solution.

Solutions? Letterman must have answer
10) Alan Embree to take over for Alan Greenspan
9) Hey Jay Payton, wanna pitch?
8) Theo, it's okay for you to take one for the team on the bullpen.
7) Craig Hansen, wipe that Cheshire cat smile off your face.
6) Ditto Scott Boras
5) Jeremi Gonzalez can't do any worse than Halama. Really.
4) Come on Tim, you got a few more pitches in you.
3) Move the wall back a few feet.
2) We got Cla-mation for the Nation.
1) Bring back Dave McCarthy

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