Saturday, June 18, 2005

It's All Good, Right?

Coming off of a World Series Championship, we have to love everything about the Red Sox, right? I'm sure you have a couple of 'sore points' about the Sox, Fenway, and the Ballpark Experience. Add 'em.

1. Concessions. A friend went to Fenway this week and bought four waters, high quality H2O. Total $17.00. The commodity of the 21st century. A bleacher ticket to Game 1, 1975 Reds at Red Sox cost me $4.50. Still got the stub.

2. Obstructed view seats. Nice picture in The Globe yesterday. "Well, nobody holds a gun to your head to buy the seats." Caveat emptor.

3. Boorish fan behavior. No matter where you sit, it seems that there is always an obnoxious, cursing, drunken fan no farther than three sheets, er seats, away. That's a fact, Jack. 'They' say that Fenway is doing a better job policing this behavior. Didn't work for my daughter and me last September 24, 2004, when the ushers took away the drunks in the eighth inning.

4. Imperial attitudes. Ballplayers, movie stars, doctors, lawyers, butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers have a right to attitudes about everything from religion, to politics, to various social issues. There's no reason to think that "Jolting Joe Blow" has an opinion that is any better than my next door neighbors or yours.

5. Indignation at treatment by 'them'. Fans and media have a right to criticize players who underachieve through lack of effort, lack of concentration, or lack of professionalism (alcohol, drugs, or 'carousing'). We don't have a right to criticize players families, backgrounds, or other strictly personal issues. We understand that players can't overachieve every day, week, or season. We do expect players to show up focused, rested, and sober.

Fans love guys who show up on time, don't whine, and give it 100% every day. Guys like Varitek, Nixon, and Ortiz clearly 'get it'. I'm sure that a lot of other guys do, too, and we know that management is working to get all 25 guys on the roster and those who want to be on the same page.

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