Monday, June 13, 2005

Freak Show

The Sox have worked overtime providing unusual plays for their fans. Last night in the 8-1 thrashing of the Cubs, Johnny Damon AND Kevin Youkilis came up in the same inning with the opportunity to hit for the cycle. Didn't happen, no matter. We got to watch Tim Wakefield chug around the bases and saw a Sox pitcher get a hit for the second game in a row.

Tonight, we've already seen Ken Griffey, Jr. whiff twice, Edgar Renteria get a double when the Reds centerfielder broke in on a ball over his head, Jay Payton with a strange swing double off the wall, Bill Mueller tag out a runner oversliding a base, Manny with a bloop ground rule double just behind first base, and Manny take third base on an errant throw back to the pitcher.

The Baseball gods like having a good laugh at someone's expense.

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