Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Manny on the Block?

A patient came into the office today and told me that it was a 'done deal', Manny being traded to the Mets for a package including Carlos Beltran (I can never remember Beltran's name). Obviously, it can't be true (I'm told by Steve Silva of Boston Dirt Dogs because no trades can be announced until 24 hours after the Series), but I wondered, how should I feel about it, if it were true.

Manny Ramirez has provided a lot of entertainment, with a lot better leftfield defense than he is given credit for (wall playing, taking away singles playing left, assists), although he clearly does have some mental lapses (don't we all?). He had a tough start last year, but finished with great numbers, better than ANY replacement (Pujols ain't walking through that door), and Manny isn't a malicious guy.

Beltran had a .744 OPS last season, which isn't exactly Manny, or even Johnny Damon. His career OPS of .829 is less than Trot Nixon's .855, although at 28, Beltran should be coming into his prime.

We have ownership bias for what is 'ours'. A mug that is worth 2 bucks becomes worth 5 bucks when it's our mug. Guys like Mike Greenwell become 'solid players' instead of overpaid liabilities because they're wearing our Red Sox laundry.

I'm hoping that somehow, the numbers guys recognize that it's not that easy to replace Manny's numbers, even with another 'name' guy. If they want to get out from under Manny's contract, taking another big one, with more dollars at risk, and more years doesn't add up. Of course, maybe the GM and ownership have other issues to resolve first.


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Beth said...

What would we do without Manny? They'd be crazy to let him go.

He's in this new DVD called City of Champions-Best of Boston Sports. DVD is pretty good and so is Manny.

Check it out if you get a chance. They have a website