Sunday, October 02, 2005

Wild and Windy

The Red Sox hold a 7-1 lead in Game 162, but the Cleveland Indians completed their improbable collapse, being swept by the Chicago White Sox. So the Red Sox travel to the Windy City as the Wild Card, and the Team That Must Never Be Named face off against the Angels in Anaheim.

Curt Schilling performed admirably as the Sox try to setup their playoff rotation, although I'd have pulled out EVERYONE by now to prevent any freak ankle sprains or hit batsmen (Jim Rice 1975).

I hope that Francona will do the right thing here.

Plus, who doesn't want to see Hanley?


Anonymous said...

This has been a grind both for the team and for the fans. Going to the playoffs makes it more than worth it. The only regret - not getting to share the division title with "the team who must never be named" only because there were an odd number of games between the teams.

Thanks, as always, for your insights. You are a great enhancement to a Red Sox season.

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