Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tick Tock

The clock winds down as we move toward SD day. Does Theo Epstein walk away from the Nation, Lone Ranger style with a 'my job is done here'. Or does he limp away, battered and bruised, discontent and underappreciated?

A patient came in today saying that when he was only 21 years old, he bought into a business, only to have the owner say, "I'm not paying any young punk 75 grand." My patient responded that it wasn't about his age, but about his ability and what he could do for the business.

I always say that you wouldn't pay anybody a million bucks a year to sell shoes, unless he could sell twenty million dollars worth of shoes. Enter Michael Jordan.

Hey, it's not my money, and I'm sure the Red Sox can find someone to take the job for less money and less power. It's called resume' building. Hell, I'll take the job and fetch Larry Lucchino his coffee for a lot less money. Do the right thing. Tick tock.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Agreed. Why is the Sox management a bunch of drama queens when it comes to renewing contracts - pushing all of these things to the last minute. That isn't how the Yankees do things.

If Theo walks, I'll be pissed.

PS Blog spammers suck!

JackHamilton said...

Theo is overrated. Let's count the ways:
1. Cabrera - less money and much better than Edgar
2. Iguchi - Wanted to come & play 2nd. Theo said no
3. Pedro - awful decision to play hardball w/ him.
4. Clement - big risk, costly results.
5. Wade Miller - low risk, no results.
6. '05 Opening Day Bullpen - Who's left?
7. Remlinger - bad joke
8. Graffanino - he hit against Texas. Everyone does.

Iza Firewall said...
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