Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How low can Lugo?

Nobody wants Julio Lugo to succeed more than Red Sox fans. Heck, we'd love him to be MVP. And nobody will put more pressure on a struggling player to perform, than the player. Does money increase the pressure? Maybe. If you're putting on a stock trade controlling 100 shares of something, it's different than owning 5000 shares. But when you're facing a Johan Santana slider, you're not thinking about your next paycheck.

I hate West Coast trips. At least I know enough to get some sleep, and don't stay up for the whole game anymore. Rarely.

Paul Pierce wants a veteran binky. Well, Paul, last time I checked, your position is swing guard, not GM. You aren't going to win a championship with the team with Kevin Garnett, with the major young talent traded. Should you express your preference? Absolutely, from a first amendment perspective. If Danny Ainge listens, however, then to paraphrase Bobby Knight, "if you listen to the knuckleheads in the stands (bench), then pretty soon you'll be sitting up there with them."

Coco Crisp must have had something to turn his season around. Could he share it with a few of the other guys?

The Mendoza line has locally earned the moniker, the Lugo Line. Come on Julio, get it going.

Does Barry Bonds really care whether Hank Aaron attends his record-breaking homerun? I'm more enthusiastic about Junior Griffey coming up on 600.

Does the RemDawg pay advertising rates for his Fenway All-Star promos, RemDawg Nation promos, RemyReport.com, his hot dog joint or is it all written into his contract. I'll bet the latter. As for the jeans and no socks look, I'm not a fan. I don't like jeans.

The "Inane Banter" warning usually came up during hideously boring games, but last night the banter preceeded the blowout. Mark that one down as a possible superstition to watch for.

What are your superstitions? I'm afraid of HD.

Why didn't Pedroia get the base when he got his first career stolen base. ;)

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