Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wake or Funeral?

West Coast trips have always had special meaning for me. Listening to my mother's transistor radio, with Dean Chance spinning his magic for the Los Angeles Angels, and now insomniac nights with the Sox in the Oakland Mausoleum, or McAfee or whatever it is.

Oakland doesn't have a lot of great memories for Sox fans. There was the playoff comeback (2003?) and just not a lot of great games there. The foul territory never seems to end. They do present some 'mirror' problems with their Moneyball players like Nick Swisher, although I'm not a big fan of the Prince Valiant look. Maybe I'm just jealous of youth, good looks, money, and hair.

Tim Wakefield goes tonight for the Sox, and it's trick or treat. With his last three outings with an ERA of over 10 and the inability to find the zone with a dog and a cane, you have to feel badly for Wakefield. He's always been streaky, and if anyone can stick with someone during a bad streak, that's Francona.

Will Jon Lester have to pitch 20 starts for Pawtucket before Theo feels he's better than the bottom of the Sox current rotation?

The current Sox doldrums seems more to represent what is normal for a baseball season than any return to last August. Maybe the Sunday Night game did have some overhang, but then maybe Lenny DiNardo will get as many DPs in his next four starts as he got last night.

Amalie Benjamin broached the delicate subject today of who's coming and going in the bullpen/rotation, and the broad conclusion: nobody knows. As I've said before, Romero looks shaky (Lopez has outpitched him), I don't think they eat Pineiro's money, and Kyle Snyder would get claimed off waivers in a nanosecond. Maybe somebody gets a sore foot, like Giambi.

Speaking of Giambi, he's going to testify and cooperate with George Mitchell. Hahahahahaha.

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Johanson said...

If There's 2 Things Theo and Terry Needs To Figure Out Is 1. When The Hell Are They Plannin' To Call Up Lester (Tavares Needs To Stay in The Rotation For Now...But Tim Wakefield Needs To Go To The Bullpen...PRONTO!!) 2. Drop Lugo From the Leadoff Spot....He's Killin Us! Yeah He's Stealin Lots of Bases...But What Good Does it Do If He Aint Gettin On Base!...Most of His Steals Have Come From Fielder Choice Outs! (He's Hard To Double Up) Ever Since Youk Was Moved To the 5th Spot Not Only Hasn't He Deliver But We Have Lost Those Games!!! I Think This Should Be Our Lineup: 1. Dustin Pedroia (Yes he's Not Fast, But Atleast he gets on Base!) 2. Youk 3. Big Papi 4. Manny 5. Drew (Or Peña..Peña has been playin better than drew...and more Homeruns that Drew in less at bats) 6. Lowell 7. Varitek 8. Crisp 9. Lugo!