Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rohr for the Sox

40 years after Billy Rohr's near n0-no, Curt Schilling duplicated Rohr's performance with 26 outs of no hit ball before Shannon Stewart lined a first-pitch fastball into right for a single. Forty years ago Elston Howard broke Sox' fans' hearts with a ninth inning single dumped in front of Tony C. Schilling righted the ship to get the tough Mark Ellis to foul out to end the game. The Sox didn't exactly tear the cover off the ball, however, getting only a first-inning homer (11) from Big Papi to drive the offense.

Speaking of offensive, the LA County Sherriff released Paris Hilton after five days of custody, sending her home with an ankle bracelet. Undoubtedly, Paris is bemoaning having to miss all that free detention facility room and board, probably having to rough it on caviar and champagne in her mansion. Allegedly she was released for health reasons, presumably because she was driving everyone in the LA police crazy.

The Red Sox drafted Washington southpaw Nick Hagadone in the Sandwich Round, who must have the size and appearance of the big lefty in "The Natural", whom Robert Redford takes deep to win the big game. As for appropriate players to draft in the sandwich round, it's not so easy to come up with them. Tim SALMON might be a good sandwich selection, and maybe readers can help me out on this one.

The Sox travel to the BOB for GM Showdown, with the Real Theo, Theo Epstein, squaring off in a Texas Death Match against Theo Light, Josh Byrnes, and other expatriots like Josh Byrnes. Rumor has it that after getting stymied twice by lackluster lefties Lenny DiNardo and Joe Kennedy, the Sox will run up against another pair of lefties. Evidently the D-backs want to keep the hot-hitting J.D. Drew from wreaking havoc on them. Maybe not. Or maybe Drew will break out of his season-long slump.

Incredibly, at Portland, after a miserable start, Jed Lowrie has lifted his average about .300, .with .431/.479/.910 numbers at shortstop. Clay Buchholz and Michael Bowden have remained productive as well, although the organization isn't looking to rush the early twenty-somethings.

In the amazing what can be done when it doesn't matter who gets the credit, both Theo Epstein and Larry Lucchino have remained quieter than mice peeing on cotton. Maybe the draft was keeping them occupied.

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