Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sox with Holes

The Red Sox put up little resistance tonight, losing to an another anonymous lefthander, as Josh Beckett absorbed his first defeat of the season. Not just the weather has turned cold in June.

The spinning wheel dart board trotted out yet another lineup du jour, this one headed by J. D. Drew, taking a merciless beating from Fenway leatherlungs. But it's not all Drew, as much of the lineup has gone sour, with the well-documented struggles of Julio Lugo and Coco Crisp. It's as though the poisoned Big Apple got fed to the team.

Meanwhile in Pawtucket, Jacoby Ellsbury has two hit games in five of the past six, going 10-25 with two walks, four stolen bases, and three extra base hits.

Last year the Sox delivered a beatdown to the NL before collapsing in the second half en route to a third place finish. Whether the Sox need an official bat-burning, prayers to Jobu, or another untraditional ritual to exorcise the offensive malaise, they definitely need something.

The only energy in the park must have come from the pummeled patrons in the Monster Seats scrambling after Colorado Rockie homers. By the close of business, America's Most Beloved Ballpark resembled a Bruins' game, with the remaining fans disguised as empty seats.

At least somewhere, someone is doing something as Clay Buchholz fanned 12 in slightly more than five innings, although touched up for four runs in a Sea Dog victory. Usually their other Double A uber-prospect Michael Bowden follows, trying to right his ship after a rough outing last time.

Once again, the Sox don't necessarily need better players, only the existing ones to start playing better. If not, the past two days will feel like tropical days.

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