Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The knuckleball's unpredictability dominates its description. We hear the different discussions of hitting it, "when it's high, let it fly" and how to catch it, "let it stop rolling and pick it up." And we know from personal and observational experience that it behaves most viciously when the wind is in the pitcher's face.

And as much as Tim Wakefield has struggled recently, his E.R.A. still fell to 3.92 with an eight-inning one run performance tonight. Doug Mirabelli deserves props for handling the flutterball in all its glory tonight, especially dealing with it with a man on third, although the Rockies brought in the tying run.

The Rockies, what an alphabet soup of players they have. Historically they've played like Tarzan at home and Jane on the road, but they got outstanding pitching tonight.

Papelbon. Tonight he performed like a mixture of King Kong and Darth Vader, with his stare down only exceeded by his heater, which touched 98.

Justin Verlander tossed a no-hitter tonight, and with respect to Danny Haren, Johan Santana, and Josh Beckett, I think that Verlander - with three great pitches (fastball, curve, change) is the best starter in the AL.

Larry Lucchino discussed the possible 'election' for the President of Red Sox Nation. All I ask is that we get a non-track, non-tennis LBJ statement ASAP from Jack Welch, "if nominated I will not run, and if elected I will not serve." Who are some logical candidates? Johnny Pesky, if you want the President to be as old as the Pope...but I think I'll throw my support behind an inspirational figure, Travis Roy, if he wants the job.

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paul said...

I'm not one to call people on stuff but the quote, "if nominated I will not run, and if elected I will not serve" was said by William Tecumseh Sherman in 1884. No biggie. LBJ did echo those sentiments back in the 60's.

This is not a slam. I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.