Monday, July 16, 2007

Blue Moon, and I don't mean Odom

Once in a blue moon, something really rare happens for the Red Sox. Kason Gabbard upped his record to 3-0, assuming the lead in his duel with Roger Clemens, shutting out the Royals on 3 hits in a 4-0 Sox win. Who was the last Sox lefthander to toss a shutout in Fenway Park? Rogelio Moret, Bill Lee, Bruce Hurst, John Tudor, Frank Tanana, Bobby Ojeda, Matt Young, Frank Viola, or Casey Fossum? At least one of the above has never had a shutout, while another had ten one memorable season...

By the way, Gabbard is only twenty-five years old. He's not Sandy Koufax, but he could be another Jamie Moyer or Mark Buehrle.

I expect the post-gamers to reveal the answer. When Schilling resumes his spot in the rotation, you have to expect Gabbard to maintain his, lowering his E.R.A. to 3.41 and completing the game in UNDER 2 and a half hours. That comes close to miraculous.

Ortiz and Ramirez have come out of the break showing some more power, and the Sox got a much-needed win after a tough split against the Jays, particularly with the Jays lying down like dogs (just kidding) against the Yankees tonight.

Don't look now, but the Sox are fifth in fielding percentage in the AL, and fourth in fewest errors.

Does anybody else think Manny could play about twenty feet deeper out there?

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